A Year of Rambling

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At the present time the programme includes -. NB Standard Pace - about 2.

This includes stops for refreshments, so the walking pace is slightly higher. Every half year the Club produces a programme of walks for the coming 6 months. The programme includes all necessary details for each walk. Most walks will start within a twenty mile radius of Chelmsford.

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Members are expected to make their own travel arrangements as the Club does not provide transport to the various start points. The walk leader on the All Day and Standard Pace walks will usually have arranged lunch in a pub.

​Just Rambling Along at Bohemian Barn

Walkers will be expected to buy food, or a drink and crisps, if they have availed themselves of the pub parking. There will be a nominated back-marker for each walk and all walks will consist of a minimum of 4 walkers. Walk leaders receive guidelines to ensure the enjoyment and safety of walkers.

All walks are at the individual's own risk. Neither the Club nor the leader can accept any responsibility for any accident or injury which may occur during any of the Club's walks or other activities. Please visit our Membership page which will give you all the details you need.


A YEAR IN BOOKS - Rambling Days

If you have any questions not answered on this website please contact our General Secretary, Steve Freight at:. To clarify, we store your data in spreadsheets, which includes the details you have provided on application and renewal forms. This information is only used on club business and we do not add your e-mail address to any distribution list unless you specifically request to be added.

Your e-mail address may be used by club officials to contact you on personal matters. We need your details to be able to send you newsletters and walk programme during the year, but if there is any information you would rather we did not hold on our spreadsheets, please omit these when completing the application or renewal form, or alternatively, send an e-mail to chelmsfordramblingclub outlook.

Midnight Ramblers celebrate ’20 Years of Rambling’

The original log book together with subsequent records of all the walks are still held by the Club more details can be found here Whilst the War curtailed activities, short walks still continued on a monthly basis around Chelmsford. Walks The Chelmsford Rambling Club offers a range of circular walks to suit most abilities. At the present time the programme includes - Standard Pace Wednesdays: starting at Wednesdays: starting at I do it for three to six months in a year. I want to get completely submerged into nature as I possibly can.

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  • I remember going to the mountains with one of my friends who was a sound engineer. Listen to the owl in the tree and crackle in the fire. I even listen to the lighting. More people now live in cities than live in rural areas. The irony is that urban life is linked to an increase in mental disorders, which can easily be counteracted by returning to nature.

    After all, our homo sapiens ancestors walked the earth for thousands of years in order to find shelter, food, or a mate. Walking in the rain, snow, and sun was a necessity of life just like eating or breathing.