Family Voices:Writings by descendants of Luise Martha Krause and George Link

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These are two significant works by two notable Renaissance figures, who were able to serve both the Church and the new learning, as well. Donor: Hobart C. Restoration was supported on the Martin R. Rosenthal Memorial Library Fund. Foresti, Jacobo Filippo de Bergamo Venice: Georgi de Rusconibus, Folio, bound in quarter leather.

Donor: the notable Chicago map and book dealer Kenneth Nebenzahl. Biblia Hebraica. Paris: Robert Estienne, Books 4, 5, and 6 of a set of 17 issued by the leading French printer of the era. The book was carried out of Europe in the Nazi era, escaping the Holocaust.

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Today only a few surviving copies are reported in libraries. Purchase: Martin R. Bembo, Pietro Della Historia Vinitana. Venice: Gualtiero Scotto, Octavo, bound in contemporary vellum. Howard Winger Chicago: Caxton Club, Donor: From among some 6, volumes given by Lake Forest resident Mrs.

Alfred E. Hamill pictured in Coventry et al. Hamill pictured in Miller and Paddock , Lake Forest…. Alciati, Andrea. Omnia Emblemata…. Antwerp: Christopher Plantin , Octavo, bound in gilt-tooled full natural leather.

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Andrea Alciati was a legal scholar who is best remembered for his short moral, proverb-like sayings, his Emblemata. Tasso, Torquato De Gerusalemme Conquistata. Rome: Press of Guiglielmo Facciotti, Quarto, bound in contemporary vellum.

Plutarch ca. The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romanes…. Translated from French into English by Thomas North. London: Richard Field for Bonham Norton, Quarto, bound in 20th C. P53 The Renaissance generally came to England later, reaching a high point in the age of playwright William Shakespeare Albert C. Donor: the late Elliott Donnelley. Novum Testamentum [Bible. Oxford: Clarendon Press, The library also has the Hamill copy of the octavo edition. Kalbfleisch book plate , in the catalog of the sale of his collection, January 10 and 11, —the source of the description quote, above.

Anacreon ca.

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Parma, Italy: Bodoni, Poetry in Greek type, with the commentary in Latin. Bound with Musaeus late 5th C. Parma: Bodoni, Large quarto, bound in full vellum over boards, with late 19th C.

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A1 Anacreon, a Greek lyric poet from Teos in Ionia, wrote pleasing odes about love and convivial pursuits, providing a model—in subject and verse form—for later poets. Anacreontic meter is short-short-long-short-long-short-long-long. The story of Hero and Leander, told in verse, is a tragic love story, about the high priestess at the Temple of Venus and her lover, who regularly swam across the Hellespont to meet her, until he died in the effort. Donor: Mrs. Hamill, her late spouse having written his own poetry on Anacreontic subjects and being a connoisseur of Greek lettering and types; armorial bookplate for a previous owner, W.

Morris, William The Earthly Paradise. London: Kelmscott Press, Quarto, edition of quarto copies, bound in full vellum with cloth ties. London: Doves Press, Hand-illuminated by Edward Johnston. Folio, bound in vellum; restored and boxed buckram by the R. Lakeside Classics. Chicago: R. Distributed at holiday time in December for customers, suppliers, employees, friends, and libraries, the volumes never have been for sale to the public. The series was created by then future Lake Forest resident T.

Donnelley to show that excellent, simple printing in the mode of the Kelmscott and Doves presses could be accomplished on a mechanized, mass-production basis, by apprentices and company volunteers. Seymour, who also designed the type and decorations, presented one of the copies to Donnelley. Donor: for the Classics , R.

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Charles Haffner. She was the daughter of T. Donnelley, sister of late College trustee Elliott Donnelley, and mother of current trustee Chris Chandler. Bound together in one gilt-tooled full leather quarto vol. This essay on his utopian, anti-capitalist and anti-modern experiment and two related reports by art and social critic John Ruskin were bound together in one volume for Edith Rockefeller McCormick, whose bookplate can be seen on the inside front cover.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Sonnets From the Portuguese. Montagnola, Italy: Officina Bodoni, One of quarto copies on hand-made paper, bound in vellum. The creative tension between form and content is palpable. The Officina Bodoni represents the best of the continental revival of printing in the era following Morris and Cobden-Sanderson Donor: bequest of James R. Alighieri, Dante Melville Best Anderson. San Francisco: John Henry Nash, ; with v. Folio, bound in gilt-tooled vellum over boards, in cloth sleeves. Copy of for sale, of printed.

Hamill, Clarice. Mexican Bouquet. Lake Forest: Pocahontas Press, Duodecimo, bound in gilt-stamped green buckram. Inland Printers Alfred and Clarice Hamill of Lake Forest were frequent visitors to Mexico, knowing the land and its culture well. Alfred was a book collector and had his own Mexican book collection book plate designed, using his usual centaur motif, but a skeleton in this case, a reference to the Day of the Dead Suzette Morton Hamill was their daughter-in-law, and proprietress of the Pocahontas Press, a notable Chicago-area private press of the day.

Hamill painstakingly hand-painted the jewel-like illustrations in each copy and one recipient recalls waiting almost a year for her to get around to finishing his copy. Donors: the library owns three copies of this book—from Phoebe Bentley, one of Mrs. Bewick, Thomas, James M.

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Wells and R. Hunter Middleton. Introduction by James M. After a shipload of 1, early 19th C. He accomplished this, as Wells describes it, through careful printing of the interiors of the carved areas of the engraved blocks. Purchase: Portfoilio and block both on the Martin R.

Scultori, Adamo ca. A Renaissance-era effort to disseminate by prints the art of Michelangelo, master artist of the Sistine Chapel ceiling and other works. American art historian Bernard Berenson judged Michelangelo the first Renaissance artist to achieve, through his painting, the level of Greek sculpture in the study of the nude human form.

Gilpin, William Second edition. London: R. Balmire, Bound with William Gilpin.

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An Essay on Prints. Fifth edition. London: T. Cadell and W.