Gore Vidal: A Portrait of an American Original

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Gore Vidal on the Future (6/7)

Jim, a handsome, all-American athlete, has always been shy around girls. Along the way he struggles with what he feels is his unique bond with Bob and with his persistent attraction to other men. Upon finally encountering Bob years later, the force of his hopes for a life together leads to a devastating climax. The first novel of its kind to appear on the American literary landscape, The City and the Pillar remains a forthright and uncompromising portrayal of sexual relationships between men.

Timothy later St. Timothy is in his study in Thessalonika, where he is bishop of Macedonia. It is A. Meanwhile, thanks to a breakthrough in computer software, an NBC crew is racing into the past to capture—live from the suburb of Golgotha—the Crucifixion, for a TV special guaranteed to boost the network's ratings in the fall sweeps. When a mortician appears on television to declare that death is infinitely preferable to life, he sparks a religious movement that quickly leaves Christianity and most of Islam in the dust.

Death Before Bedtime. Book 2. In Death Before Bedtime, dashing P.

No longer needed as a political publicist, Sargent finds himself helping the police find the killer. Death in the Fifth Position. Book 1. In Death in the Fifth Position, dashing P. Handling the press seems to be no problem, but when a rising star in the company is killed during the performance—dropped from thirty feet above the stage, crashing to her death in a perfect fifth position—Sargent has a real case on his hands. As he ingratiates himself with the players behind the scenes especially one lovely young ballerina , he finds that this seemingly graceful ballet company is performing their most dramatic acts behind the curtain.

There are sharp rivalries, sordid affairs, and shady characters.

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Sargent, though, has no trouble staying on point and proving that the ballerina killer is no match for his keen eye and raffish charm. The essays collected here all appeared in The Nation magazine between and We see him emerge as the pre-eminent essayist of his generation, winning a Nation Book Award for a collection of nonfiction works. Prepare also to smile or laugh out loud. Myra Breckinridge. The outrageous and immortal, gender-bending and polymorphously perverse, over-the-top, and utterly on-target comic masterpiece from the bestselling author of Burr, Lincoln, and the National Book Award-winning United States.

Myra has a secret that only her surgeon shares; a passion for classic Hollywood films, which she regards as the supreme achievements of Western culture; and a sacred mission to bring heteronormative civilization to its knees.

On Meeting Gore Vidal - John Robinson - Redivider Journal

Fifty years after its first publication unleashed gales of laughter, delight, and ferocious dissent "Has literary decency fallen so low? Thieves Fall Out. The author of twenty-three novels, five plays, three memoirs, numerous screenplays and short stories, and well over two hundred essays, he received the National Book Award in In , Vidal had already begun writing the works that would launch him to the top ranks of American authors and intellectuals. The Cameron Kay never was. Lost for more than 60 years and overflowing with political and sexual intrigue, Thieves Fall Out provides a delicious glimpse into the mind of Gore Vidal in his formative years.

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By turns mischievous and deadly serious, Vidal tells the story of a man caught up in events bigger than he is, a down-on-his-luck American hired to smuggle an ancient relic out of Cairo at a time when revolution is brewing and heads are about to roll. One part Casablanca and one part torn-from-the-headlines tabloid reportage, this novel also offers a startling glimpse of Egypt in turmoil -- written over half a century ago, but as current as the news streaming from the streets of Cairo today.

Death Likes It Hot. Book 3. In Death Likes it Hot, dashing P.


His enjoyment of the sun, the surf, and the company of a lovely young fashion reporter is interrupted by the death of the socialite's niece: she mysteriously drowns while swimming on a crowded beach. No one suspects murder until the police find a lethal dose of sleeping pills in her system. As Sargeant watches the police's investigation unfold, he keeps an eye on the grieving socialite; the victim's famous painter husband; a suspiciously cheery brother and sister; and a garrulous tabloid columnist.

Now, instead of planning guest lists, wine choices, and menus, Sargeant is faced with a killer unlike he's ever faced: highly sophisticated, devilishly clever, and just as smooth as he is. Buckley, still being played out after his death? Much as Vidal fought against being categorized, Teeman shows how he also proved himself to be a pugnacious advocate for gay sexual freedom in his books, articles, and high-profile media appearances.

Teeman also, for the first time, vividly and movingly evokes the final, painful, and tragic years of Vidal's life, as he descended into alcoholism and dementia, his death, and the bitter, contentious legacy he has left behind.

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Praise for In Bed with Gore Vidal "Throughout his literary career, Gore Vidal frequently delivered lofty, if sometimes specious, pronouncements on sexuality 'There are no homosexuals, only homosexual acts' and constructed an elaborate sexual myth about himself. Tim Teeman's energetically reported and deliciously readable biography clarifies Vidal's portrait without diminishing him.

It may not be quite the biography Vidal wanted, but it's the one he was asking for.

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With deftness, wit, intelligence, and a journalist's nose for a good story, Teeman pulls back the curtain on an American icon. See All Customer Reviews.

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Hustlers, Hollywood, and the Private World of an American Master

Overview "Gore Vidal was a good friend for over sixty years. If you want to know who Gore really was, read In Bed with Gore Vidal, which uncovers, and evokes, his complicated private life and how that influenced and shaped his wider life, politics, and work. Lost loves, sex with hustlers, a life with Howard Austen, his relationships with women and the truth about his sexuality: this is a juicy, intelligent and honest portrait of a dear friend and exceptional writer and man.

But what was the truth about his sex life and sexuality-and how did it affect and influence his writing and public life? In In Bed With Gore Vidal: Hustlers, Hollywood, and the Private World of an American Master, Tim Teeman interviews many of Vidal's closest family and friends, including Claire Bloom and Susan Sarandon, as well as surveying Vidal's own rich personal archive, to build a rounded portrait of who this lion of American letters really was away from the page.

Here, revealed for the first time, Teeman discovers the Hollywood stars Vidal slept with and the reality of his life with partner Howard Austen-and the hustlers they both enjoyed. Was Gore's true love really a boy from prep school?