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We me and my younger boys at the time were unable to say goodbye. We also had experienced knocking always 3 times for a month throughout our house. I actually had a team of investigators with a psychic come in and we got a EVP and also the psychic did tell us that yes he is here and is very protective and you and the boys and that my cousin who I loved dearly and was taken from me as well at early age of aids is with us and watching over us.

I loved these two men with all my heart and still till this day have never recovered. I lost my feeling to love anyone. I closed myself off to people and should be more loving in which I am trying. I think I might need to get a reading done. I am sitting here crying as I type this so how do I get in touch with you to schedule one? Hi Tamara, I too experienced the knocking 3 time. When I woukd go to bed, in our bed, I would hear the knocking on the wall over my head.

It was loud, clear, and no one else was ever in the house with me. I thought it was my deceased husband, as what else could it be. Thank you for sharing. I have not heard it lately. Blessings to your family. Awe, amazing story. I hope you get more signs. My Mom had passed away April 24th and my sister had passed a year before actually 9 days after my Mom went then it was 1 year for my sister.

And so many things I want to know. But I want to know if there together, if my sister was there waiting for my Mom and if they can hear me talk to them. It hurts so much. And I have my sisters cats now, and my 17 yr old cat had passed away 6 months before my sister.

So I want to know if they can hear me and if they know I miss them and love them so much. I wish I knew. I wish I knew if they can hear me and so much I want to tell them of things that happened since they had to go. But I was so very close to her. Thank you for reading. Today is 15 months that my Mom has been gone.

But I just want to know if she can hear me talk to her. Thank you. I wanna know if you can reach out to my ex husband and find out what really happened to him cause I know in my heart he never killed his self and know he would have never left me or his kids with out him in our lives because I lnow how much he loved them and enjoyed life and his girlfriend had him dead 8 hrs before he was dead and I also wanna know if he is the one man with the trash can over his head that is trying to communicate with autumn and if its his twin thats the little wizard I just need answers to heal and let go and want him to know I never gave up and never stopped loving him.

Correction: Sorry I am tired from work The angel I had saw was at the time of a. Not scholl but meaning school, 6th grade. I literally teared up a little watching your video. Thanks, Blair. Cheri, reading your message the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I shivered, your story resembles mine so very much the same.

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My Mum would would also be turning 79 this year on 30 November. She died suddenly, we did not get the fast enough and I was 10 minutes last luckily my daughter and her husband were with Mum. My Dad past away in , he lived in Victoria so too far with all the holidays, he died after dinner while napping.

Suddenly as well. I have had many other things happen since I was young, usually associated with someone passing. I feel them with me always. Yes, I know they are with us.

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There have been subtle signs letting me know. I have not been brave enough to ask to speak with them just yet. I think the very worst thing is not being able to put your arms aruond them and just hold them. Is it ok to be mad at the deceased? I really am madd that my sister inlaw died and left us a mess to clean up plus her children to raise. I pray for you!

I truly do! You really need to let the anger go, because it is not getting you anywhere. The world does not revolve around just you. Actually, Sue, your response sounds cold. Not judgement. Irma, thank you for doing your best, and you and your husband are blessed to have each other. Irma seems very cold hearted! I feel for these children! But my heart also goes out to Sue. It is a major responsibility to raise other people children. Please be patient Sue and nurture the children through this time.

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Yes, anger is in the grieving process. Everyone is affected in this.

http://pierreducalvet.ca/100071.php Take care. Your a horrible person!!!! Hope those kids leave you as soon as there old enough to look after themselves!!! Right how disrespectful…she should be the bigger person.. Why did you take them? Someone out their would love them correctly.

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How can you be this way to your dead sister? Hi Blair! What you do for people is great!

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I hope some day to meet you. I believe i have received signs from loved ones.


I am still trying to talk to my spirit guides. Thanks Tonya. A couple of nights before the big day I dreamt of a lady who was wearing flowing white clothing coming to visit me. I think that he and his wife were both happy with my filming — after all, they still talk to me! Oh also, after the speeches at the dinner party I saw the happy couple kissing whilst sitting at the top table.

With the camcorder still on the tripod I switched it on and zoomed in. They had no idea at the time…. Thank YOU for that info…My mother passed 15min. I loved her so much…. Thanks Blair — confirming what I always knew!! I talk to my loved ones all the time! Love to you and Wendy. I know they have all passed and need help in some way. I just wish they would come to me in my waking hours. Any suggestions?

I also dream of things to come, which usually most of the time happen.