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It did lag a bit about half way through for a short time, but aside from that I was very surprised that while it was longer than I'm used to, it was filled with well paced action.

Speaking of action. The sex scenes are written passionately and poetically instead of just throbbing this and engorged that. While there is a fair bit of throbbing and engorging, she manages to use those words how they were supposed to be used instead of just to be kinky. While Fabio isn't who I had in my head as Sebastian while I was reading this, I still think it's hilarious and awesome-sauce that Fabio graces the cover.

Heh heh. And not the other way around". But I digest This book was good. If you like a more traditional romance novel with masked highwaymen who ravish wild eyed beauties mixed with clever whit and a respectable dose of action, try this one out. It won't disappoint. Jan 09, Janette rated it really liked it. Or so Prudence thought--until the infamous rogue stole her breath and her will with his honeyed kisses, until she felt the rapier-sharp edge of his sensuous charm. For the gray-eyed highwayman was leading a dangerous double life, one that left no room for love.

Jun 17, Sarah Z rated it really liked it. So if anyone read my last review, I've been in an HR funk. Nothing is holding my attention and summer might be partly to blame. I just miss being obsessed with a book, a can't put it down, can't sleep, can't get it off my mind type of book.

So I picked up a Medeiros because I'm guaranteed to like if not love it. Now, while I wasn't blown away, I enjoyed it very much. TM always takes me on a journey, which is why I love her. It's not that her books are unpredictable, but they always It's not that her books are unpredictable, but they always take me for a ride and I never know which way she will go.

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This one was really fun and high on my list of favorite TM books. A few issues keeping it from being a 5 star: I wasn't fully invested in the story. Like I mentioned above maybe it's because it's summer and maybe because I'm a little burnt out on HR. I loved Sebastian and Prudence, the main issue with them is their lack of communication.

That can definitely be a driving force of many HR, but this was a little too much. I get that things don't need to be spelled out in black and white, but this stuff would just disappear and not be brought up again.

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I know I just said I loved Sebastian, but he did have his issues throughout the book. I didn't really mind them, but at the end, I really needed more groveling from him. He was kind of a jerk and I never felt like he made it up to Prudence. He never really expressed his feelings for her like she truly deserved.



The ending is typical Medeiros. It was rushed and a little OTT. Just kind of silly how everyone just shows up after the explosion. And then bing bang boom it's done and no epilogue. Overall a good read and I will read it again.

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I'm still in my funk and thinking of mixing things up with a mystery or something. But any recommendations greatly appreciated! Reasonably explicit.

Heroine : Poor orphaned daughter of an inventor who blew himself up. Bespectacled, intelligent, unloved. Hero : Son of a brutish Highland Laird. Poor, resorting to highway robbery to fill his coffers. Includes : Excerpt from A Whisper of Roses. Series : Book 2 of 5 can be read in any order A modern bodice ripper, Medeiros takes the poor heroine through a roller-coaster.

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Not good enough for him, abducted, cast away, sex in anger, shot at, blown up. It just goes on and on. Not a bad story but geez it just kept coming at you. In the end, I didn't much like Sebastian. And there were plenty of times when Prudence really should have just cut her losses and moved on. Apparently Love turns you into an idiot.

But, if you look at it as a Bodice Ripper, it works. Aug 29, Sasha Summers rated it it was amazing. This book is one of the reasons I became a romance reader and aspiring romance writer. I found this copy, with this cover, while visiting my sister in San Francisco years ago.

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And fell in love. Sebastian is the perfect balance of bravado, charisma, sensitivity, raw masculinity and scandal. His first encounter with Prudence is still as vivid in my memory now as it was the first time I read it. He made my then young and rather naive self grow red cheeked and weak in the knees!

And I loved Prudence! She is funny and smart. From her squinty lavender eyes and her dogged devotion to Sebastian cat to her atrocious attempts at cooking and effective attempts at seduction - she's a heroine the reader can love. I think that's what was so rewarding about this book. The characters were all delightul. Whether is was Tiny or Jamie or Aunt Tricia or Devony or Sebastian's highland bandits - they were all vivdly written and entertaining. Medeiros, of whom I am a HUGE fan, is able to paint rich backdrops and fill them with such delightful stories. From the titillating boudoir scenes to madcap courtroom dramas - she's a master craftsman.

Though I've read it many times over, as well as hundreds of romances since then, I still adore this book! Bravo and thank you Teresa. You Rock! Nov 08, Karen rated it liked it. I wasn't really sure how to rate this book. I loved Sebastian. I always seem to love a hero named Sebastian. I loved the chemistry between Sebastian and Prudence. I just found that the story jumped around a bit and I never really knew what Sebastian's real feelings were.

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They would seem to come together and then in the next few pages were apart again. In saying that if you enjoy Teresa Medeiros' other novels then this one is worth reading. It might be one of those books that if I read it again in I wasn't really sure how to rate this book.

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It might be one of those books that if I read it again in another month or two it will all fall into place. Sep 17, Rebecca everyday reader rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-romance. Prudence has spent many years perfecting being invisible to those around her.