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Buchaca, J. Catalan, I. Domaizon, P. Guilizzoni, A. Lami, S. McGowan, H. Moorhouse, G. Morabito, F. Pick, M.

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Stevenson, P. Thompson, R.

Acceleration of cyanobacterial dominance in north temperate-subarctic lakes during the Anthropocene. Ecology Letters, Volume 18 4 : — New tool will boost coordination between lakes: try out the interactive map!

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If you want to go right up to 11, but your partner wants to sail on a steady 3, then fine. Start in the shallow pool.

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Maybe you want to try both. The London Alternative Market and the London Fetish Fair are monthly events who both offer handmade, sturdy and reasonably priced items to help anyone — from the beginner to the professional. Clothing and articles are made to measure, furniture to suit all needs! Did you enjoy that?

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Say so — thank your partner, tell them how good it was either as the Dom or the sub. Never use anything like cable ties or gaffa tape for bondage. Anything that cuts your circulation off the more you pull against it is going to be an encumbrance and a danger.

Instead, use silk ties, cotton rope or invest in wrist cuffs with a buckle. No head frame? The position of their bodies is quite interesting.

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These two details show that Piero was more concerned about achieving a pleasing composition than being true to life. Also noteworthy is that, although we know that Piero was the author of a major treatise on perspective and was also a mathematician and geometer, the painting contains two vanishing points the point at which all the lines of the painting should converge.

On one hand, we see the faces of the soldiers from below, but on the other hand, the face of Christ is painted straight on. If the perspective were consistent throughout the painting, we would see all the faces from the same vantage point. Again, Piero has sacrificed realism for effect. Face of soldier in brown armor detail , Piero della Francesca, The Resurrection , c. Piero has been lauded as one of the first painters of the Renaissance to capture realistic faces that show emotion.

In fact, Giorgio Vasari, the great sixteenth-century art historian and painter, reported that the face of the soldier in brown armor was a self-portrait of Piero.