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I was just wondering because I am collecting some ideas for an e-book. Hi Pooja, thanks a lot for the prompt reply ; Actually I was planning to create an interactive course of Italian for Japanese people and if the thing goes well… I really hope so…. I would like to present some situations of real life in Italy and explain how to use the language within that situation….. And, at this point 3 option buttons would show up…. I found some websites where you can register and create your own learning objects but I am not sure if you can save them in a format that in-design supports.

Pooja thank you for taking us by the hand and gently leading us through a complex process but making it look simple.

What’s the Difference Between an EPUB, a PDF and a Digital Publication? | Float

Others use the term inspiring…and they are right. I am grateful you are on video as some of the steps were easier than others. It helps to be able to pause or rewind…as I remember to breathe and try again. Thank you for your willingness to patiently teach us.

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Hi, i have written a book on current affairs of the world, and now wish to publish as ebook. Yes, you can. You can create an interactive PDF eBook for sure. The biggest question I have is what is the difference between publishing the ebook to DPS versus just exporting it to an epub file? Second, I created a print booklet using indesign, and now it needs to be converted to an interactive ebook.

Do I need to recreate the booklet and adjust the set-up for Digital Publishing? The major differences between DPS versus exporting to epub is, with DPS you will get broad interactivity more user engaging content , mp4 video support, high fidelity output. DPS provides you interactivity and rich media display, eschewing flexibility in display for immersive and engaging design.

Whereas EPUB provides you limited interactivity, very less support for video depends on device , and the layout depends on the device. Yes, a print booklet created in Indesign needs to be converted for Digital Publishing, with the use of Folio Overlays Panel in Indesign. Great tutorials!

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I have one question: can the video be auto played, so one does not have to press play? Thanks so much. I am representing a publishing company which I have already created the ebooks on an indesign and export it to an epub format. I want to get it animated,can I import indesign or epub format inside the adobe captivate for animation? I have absolutely no knowledge of coding… will I be able to create an ebook without it? And just to clarify… the resulting ebook can be uploaded to itunes for approval to sell? Hi Dr. I have one question, is there a way for me to upload my ebook to my personal webpage without using Adobe Content Viewer?

Like a HTML for example. Thank you so much! These videos really helped me! What to do? Hi there, 4 questions.

Which is the best format for ebooks?

Firstly, would exporting your book as an ePub work as well? Secondly, are there any free alternatives to Adobe Captivate and Animate? Thirdly, can you import 3D models into InDesign? Lastly, is there a way to make books for multiple iPads and android tablets at once? Or do we have to redo the process depending on the book? I see how you published it and was able to view it. How can someone else view it, and better yet how can someone else view it without the adobe viewer.

An answer on the proper software or a tutorial would be great. I guess you could always export your inDesign document as a SWF. That could allow people to see it in a browser based pop-up. This is a phenomenal video! Thank you! Or as Park mentions, is this only viewable for yourself or those with Adobe Viewer to read? Thanks for your prompt response Pooja! My organization is hoping to provide ebooks to a large number of people. Hi Raph… you can follow the same steps to create the eBook and then publish it for android or other devices.

How can i do that? Plz help..

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Thank you for the informative explanation. Overall great presentation. However, a few places in the videos it was difficult to understand what was being said. It would make things clearer to have CC in addition to the audio. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Sign In. Post here. Virtual Reality. Events and Announcements. Certificate Program. Quick Start Assets. Interactive eLearning. Personalize background. Software simulation. Responsive simulation. Full motion recording. Interactive ebooks allow the reader to become immersed in content and allow you to think outside the traditional linear format. They let each bit of content function as a stand-alone part of the whole.

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Interactive content tends to emphasize visuals over text. For an immersive experience, click below to see a recent Wells Fargo report we whipped up. Titles for PDFs operate the same as the meta title of a web page. Remember to always use a unique title that is between 20 and 70 characters, and to include the keyword.