Love and Money: Queers, Class, and Cultural Production (Critical Cultural Communication)

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With an eye to the nuances and harms of class difference in queerness and a wish to use culture to forge queer and class affinities, Love and Money returns class and its politics to the study of queer life. Lisa Henderson.

Love and Money: Queers, Class, and Cultural Production

Queers Class and Dorothy Allison. A Cultural Politics of Love and Solidarity. Television Programs. Considers other social determinants of health as well, including social class and race. Limited to Charlton No textbook information available. Emphasizes contemporary popular culture and theories of gender, sexuality, race, and the workings of power and value in global culture industries. Topics include manga comic books , hip-hop and other popular music, anime and feature films, video games, contemporary literature, and online communication. Students present analyses and develop a final project based on a particular aspect of gender and popular culture.

Several films screened outside of regular class meeting times. Condry No required or recommended textbooks. Themes include scientific responsibility and social justice, the motivation of individual scientists, strategies for organizing, the significance of race and gender, and scientists' impact within social movements. Case studies include atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons and the nuclear freeze campaign, climate science and environmental justice, the civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests, the March 4 movement at MIT, and concerns about genetic engineering, gender equality, intersectional feminism, and student activism at MIT.

Bertschinger Textbooks Fall Examines how women have shaped the meanings of American citizenship through pursuit of political rights such as suffrage, jury duty, and military service, as well as how the legal system has shaped gender relations through regulation of such issues as marriage, divorce, work, reproduction, and the family.

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Readings draw from primary and secondary materials, focusing on the broad historical relationship between law and society. No legal knowledge is required or assumed. Capozzola Textbooks Fall Investigates the different forms families and households take and considers their social, emotional, and economic dynamics. Analyzes how various expectations for, and experiences of, family life are rooted in or challenged by particular conceptions of gender and sexuality.

Communication and Media Studies 2018-12222

Addresses questions surrounding what it means to be a "man" or a "woman," as well as a family member, in different social contexts. Examines the effect of the Hollywood Production Code and censorship of sexual themes and content, and the subsequent subversion of queer cultural production in embedded codes and metaphors. Also considers the significance of these films as artifacts and examples of various aspects of queer theory. Connects the experiences of African-Americans and of other American minorities, focusing on social, political, and cultural histories, and on linguistic patterns.

Includes lectures, discussions, workshops, and required field trips that involve minimal cost to students. DeGraff, D. Fox Harrell. Includes readings from a variety of disciplines, e. Addresses themes such as the relationship between the concepts of nation and gender; women's citizenship; Middle Eastern women's activism and the involvement of their Western "sisters" to this movement; gendered interpretations of the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet Muhammad; and the three H's of Orientalism hijab, harem, and hamam.

Interdisciplinary approaches highlight relationships between gender and public policy, economics, art, education, health care, and scientific research. Topics vary by term. Addresses ways in which women's wartime suffering has been used to further a variety of political and social agendas. Discussions focus on a different topic each week, such as sexual violence, women survivors, female perpetrators of genocide, nurses, children of genocidal rape, and the memory of war.

Ekmekcioglu Textbooks Fall Considers a variety of reproductive health issues from multiple perspectives, drawing on readings from the fields of history, anthropology, sociology, medicine, epidemiology, and law. Develops skills to interrogate how each field conceptualizes and values reproductive health, both explicitly and implicitly. Introduces major conceptual issues foundational to understanding the politics of reproduction. Goes on to cover topics such as the human biofemale reproductive lifecycle and social movements explicitly organized around reproductive health.

Focus on how biological, anthropological, and medical concepts intersect with social, cultural, and political ideas about racial, sexual, and gender difference in the US and globally.

Approach is historical and comparative across disciplines emphasizing the different modes of explanation and use of evidence in each field. Discusses the relationship of scientific progress to colonial expansions and nationalist aspirations. Explores the nature of scientific institutions within a social, cultural, and political context, and how science and technology have impacted developing societies A. Sur No textbook information available.

Examines evidence and lack thereof regarding when and how an individual's thoughts, feelings, and actions are affected by sex and gender. Using a biopsychosocial model, reviews the following topics: gender identity development across the lifespan, implicit and explicit bias, achievement, stereotypes, physical and mental health, sexuality, interpersonal relationships, work, and violence. Kapungu Textbooks Fall Reviews topics in multicultural psychology from the lens of challenging ethnocentric biases in the field.

Critically evaluates the intersection of race with other social identities e.

Using a case study approach, students integrate empirical evidence from international psychosocial research on oppression in order to provide more breadth in understanding the influence of race and gender upon human behavior. Develops multicultural competency skills essential for practice in clinical and non-clinical organizational settings.

The reading, along with the writing of members of the class, is the focus of class discussions. Oral presentations on subjects of individual interest are also part of the class activities.

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Students explore race and ethnicity in personal essays, pieces of cultural criticism or analysis, or with permission of instructor fiction. All written work is read and responded to in class workshops and subsequently revised. Ragusa Textbooks Fall Examines a range of materials literature, films, visual arts, music, and advertising to reflect on the region's urbanization processes of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Focuses on the production and representation of gender - and women, in particular - as key subjects of urbanization, mass media, and consumer culture. Discussions travel through urban centers as different as Buenos Aires, Mexico DF, Lima, Havana, Miami and New York, but are organized around four critical categories: urban spaces, labor, leisure, and citizenship. Taught in Spanish. Discusses the new generation of queer authors and their principal concerns. Introduces students to the main classical references of queer subcultures, from Proust and Vivien to Hocquenghem and Wittig.

Examines current debates on post-colonial and globalized queer identities through essays, songs, movies, and novels.

Feminist Perspectives on Class and Work (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Taught in French. Explores transatlantic intellectual debates since and the "new" French theory. Topics include: communism, decolonization, neo-liberalism, gender and mass media. Intended to give students a basic understanding of the central features of traditional Chinese literary genres, as well as to introduce students to the classic works of the Chinese literary tradition. Literature read in translation. Considers women's culture, as well as the influence and presence of Asian cultural expressions in the US.

Teng Chung No required or recommended textbooks. Gives particular attention to the relationships between the personal and the political; form and content; fact, truth, and imagination; self and community; trauma and healing; coming to voice and breaking silence. Drawing on lessons taken from these works, students write a short memoir of their own. Ragusa No textbook information available.

Students read these texts in relation to her letters and other biographical and historical information. Perry Textbooks Fall Studies cross-cultural expressions of solidarity and examines the Latina experience as it relates to both other women of color and Latino men. Considers how Latinas are represented by mainstream Hollywood and independent filmmakers, and explores the intersections of popular culture and feminism in productions such as music videos and Latina-centered television series.

In particular, analyzes how LGBT identities and their literary representations have changed over time. Materials include mainstream press coverage, film, theater, television, popular music, comic books, literature, and visual art. Terrones No textbook information available. Explores questions of cultural relativism, race, gender and ethnicity. Examines case studies from war crimes tribunals, truth commissions, anti-terrorist policies and other judicial attempts to redress state-sponsored wrongs. Considers whether the human rights framework effectively promotes the rule of law in modern societies.

Students debate moral positions and address ideas of moral relativism. Same subject as Examines moral foundations of the science and practice of western biomedicine through case studies of abortion, contraception, cloning, organ transplantation and other issues. Evaluates challenges that new medical technologies pose to the practice and availability of medical services around the globe, and to cross-cultural ideas of kinship and personhood. Discusses critiques of the biomedical tradition from anthropological, feminist, legal, religious, and cross-cultural theorists.

Students read ethnography, fiction, and history, and view films to examine the politics and circumstances that create and perpetuate the representation of Asian women as dragon ladies, lotus blossoms, despotic tyrants, desexualized servants, and docile subordinates. Students are introduced to debates about Orientalism, gender, and power. Familiarizes students with central objects, questions, and methods in the field.

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Examines existent critiques of the racial, sexual and environmental politics at stake in techno-scientific cultures. Draws on material from popular culture, media, fiction, film, and ethnography. Addressing specific examples from across the globe, students also explore different approaches to build more livable environments that promote social justice. Students read classic texts in computer science along with cultural analyses of computing history and contemporary configurations.

Explores the history of automata, automation and capitalist manufacturing; cybernetics and WWII operations research; artificial intelligence and gendered subjectivity; robots, cyborgs, and artificial life; creation and commoditization of the personal computer; the growth of the Internet as a military, academic, and commercial project; hackers and gamers; technobodies and virtual sociality. Emphasis is placed on how ideas about gender and other social differences shape labor practices, models of cognition, hacking culture, and social media.

Banerjee No required or recommended textbooks. Graduate students are expected to pursue the subject in greater depth through reading and individual research. Explores how gender influences state formation and the work of the state, what role gender plays in imperialism and in the welfare state, the ever-present relationship between gender and war, and different states' regulation of the body in gendered ways at different times.

Investigates new directions in the study of gender as historians, anthropologists and others have taken on this fascinating set of problems.