Medicine in the Back of Beyond

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They consist of companies working on solutions for enterprise, social, medical and education, plus gaming. Startups at today's event included Hyperfair, a social VR solution for businesses, Realiteer, developer of a therapeutic VR program to treat mental health issues, Opaque Space, a space simulator to help train astronauts, Popmatch, a VR eSports offering, and ThermoReal, which brings hot, cold and pain sensations into virtual and augmented reality experiences. ThermoReal's demo was particularly impressive; as you hold onto a six-inch-or-so node, the handle heats up or cools down depending on the scene or AR application you're looking at.

Medicine in the Back of Beyond

Holding the phone over a picture of a house in flames made the temperature rise, while watching a video of a man jumping into a frozen lake caused it to get ice cold. The speed at which the temperature changed also varied depending on the content. A car exploding would cause the handle to become instantly hot, and the man jumping into the frozen lake was more of a gradual chilling. Location of the temperature variance also played a role in how you felt the sensation; you felt the heat intensify in certain parts of your hand as you watched a video of a lighter moving along someone else's extended hand.

To simulate pain, both hot and cold sensations occur at the same time. The most common ones that we see are pain. Of course, inflammation.


Joint pain, muscle pain, anxiety, and sleep issues are the big one. I was a postpartum doula. Of course, men have anxiety too. But what we see is women who are coming in, Oh my husband has his ailment, my husband has that an ailment. But specifically the women, they have a ton of anxiety. There are a lot of mixed reviews about CBD and sleep and whether it helps. CBN is excellent for sleep. Cancer is a huge one. I might be fried for saying this, but people are using CBD for cancer. People are using hemp to battle tumors, and these are the success stories that keep us going.

Eczema and other skin conditions are another use.

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Again it all comes down to root causes, and the root cause of most ailments is inflammation. Its constant stimulation. So anti-inflammatory, anything can do no wrong. I am cautious when it comes to predictions. It is tricky out there with the FDA. But we have seen a lot of really crazy stuff happen with the FDA. We have seen the FDA demolish healthcare. The system that we have now is broken, and the FDA is responsible for part of it.

Topicals are a huge thing that we do. We think that topicals are less at risk than internals. Five years it could go either way. Ten years CBD is going to be everywhere. This plant is rising. It is strong. Our world, the environment. We need this plant.

We need hemp plastics. We need hemp fibers. We need hemp to heal the soil, to heal the land. We need cannabis to heal us energetically. So in five years, it could go either way.

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One five and ten year industry predictions?

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People are going to fight back. So 10 years it is going to be everywhere. Join the Conversation With Us! Share this post.

Share on facebook. Share on google. Private insurers have also been involved, with major shifts toward value-based care, innovative delivery models, and new experiments in vertical and horizontal integration. Care delivery organizations have consolidated substantially as well. In part because of this complexity, it is difficult to estimate the percentage of the US insured population that receive care under a value-based or alternative payment model, although it is clear that the proportion continues to increase.

Even though the Affordable Care Act and the health care industry in general have been modestly successful at improving coverage, there has been less progress in improving quality or reducing health care costs. Most delivery system reform efforts have been iterative rather than transformative, although it may be too early to assess whether these efforts are at least setting the stage for more major and sustained effective subsequent changes.

Many potential solutions have been proposed or may be possible.

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Some may be market based and some may rely more on regulation; some may prioritize population health and wellness and others may focus on innovation in technology and cures. All will require difficult choices, compromise, and prioritization. Simply spending more on health care will not be an effective approach. The new JAMA series on health policy will consist of scholarly and evidence-based Viewpoints that will focus on solutions aimed at controlling health care costs, expanding access to care, and improving quality and value, with an emphasis on needed modifications of current health care programs and policies, and analysis of various proposals introduced by governmental agencies and by presidential candidates.

The authors explore the potential ramifications of a universal application of Medicare payment rates to hospitals, which currently account for the largest share of US health care spending. As epitomized by this scholarly Viewpoint, the goal of this new series is to ensure robust, enlightened, and meaningful discussion and debate about how health care should be paid for and delivered in the United States—not just for today or in , but importantly, well beyond.

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