Never Mind the Princess, Save the *Dragon* (A Comedic Fantasy Tale)

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Dear Haru, here is your late christmas present. Since once in a blue moon I actually discover a decent rule for adulting, and since I know I have followers a few years younger than me who are just entering the workforce, I want to tell you about a very important phrase. I read a lot of slash, my good dude, and I know that there are people out there who aren't interested in that, so it's pretty dang important to specify. Reader has depression, suicidal thoughts, and other triggering things. For anyone who downloads, do not remove my , credit me if you repost, and reblog!

No exceptions myherowritings. The theme will be: Fantasy! Izuku returns to the icy woods to find a forest spirit.

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While fantasy Bakugou becomes attached to this new Kirishima, this world's Bakugou grapples with the realization that not only are they lovers in another Are they brothers or something more????? Shouto is in love. I needed to draw the fantasy au designs at least once.

Pinch hit deadline would be Sept.

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And it helps. Here is a quick guide: 1. I read it now out of curiosity while searching fics for you and I loved it!! Dad Shiragaki. I do not own the bnha universe or the characters thereof. Pre-relationship fic that tries to explore the kyouhaba dynamic and how they moved from acquaintances to begrudging friends. So, I decided to do this thing. Click here for Part II! This fic has lots of rare pairs. Consort married to a ruler and not reigning in their own right can be addressed the same. Feel free to recommend your favourite fanfics in the indexes posted here, as long as it's in line with the rules: Bear in mind that recommendations are subjective, so if you want to it's UP my fantasy au is officially in progress dabihawks hotwings hot wings dabi x hawks hawks x dabi dabihawks fic fic ohmoka bnha mha my hero academia bnha fic dabihawks au hotwings au bnha au fantasy au fantasy dabihawks dabi hawks dabi is a todoroki dabi is touya league of villains touya todoroki witcher au monster hunter au boku no hero BNHA Fic Recommendations.

I started struggle with the end I hope it turned out okay!

Well, besides Shinji. Oct 25, Fantasy AU List. I was partnered with lavanderstarcatcher and got to illustrate for her stunning fic, Defying the Odds!! She is a really fantastic writer and an amazing partner to work with. This account is for art from my Fic on AO3, and other things! Based on a situation of Chapter 7, where Bakugou helps a hurt Kiri to wash himself! Hope you like it redriot, its super simple but I made with all my heart! Maaaaan, I love the 2nd Fantasy Au costume for Bakugou but those details are killer.

The last and final thing, is I reached for followers! Perhaps it was a useless struggle to hide from the storm, knowing very well it raged from within. Hi I'm Mi! BnHA AU fanfic rec. From me, that is.

Bnha fantasy au fic

BNHA fandom grew rapidly with the release of the anime. Midoriya went home that night and prepared for his adventure. A quirkless! Deku AU with a twist. Thank you! An exchange week works as a secret Santa!

Never Mind the Princess, Save the *Dragon* (A Comedic Fantasy Tale)

You sign up to make either fic or art, provide three prompts for your match to choose, and get paired up anonymously with another person. The question was in the room if he would give his sister away for adoption, but how could he do that to the needy bundle in Fantasy! On a hunting trip in the woods, palace guard Izuku makes the acquaintance of the brooding yet kind Prince Shouto. I am a member of AO3. A fic comment is just an amazing thing to have around and it contributes to my mental well-being. Historically, creatures have suffered great injustices due to appearances and their ability to use magic.

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Ofcourse,Bakugou here is the King and Kirishima is the knight in shining armor …minus the armor…. This is a sideblog to fuel my current BNHA obsession. Read EraserMic from the story Bnha - fanarty, memy itd. Finally, after months of my tablet being inactive, I can finally paint what I wanna paint. Izuku then remembered that it was a day just like this when the young prince, Todoroki came months ago, the man with a broken heart but still gave him smiles that offered nothing but an effervescent sweetness but with eyes that held hurt beyond comprehension.

Here are some great anime memes I gathered around. Izuku buys merch of himself and Shouto. It can be fanfics of any pairing and with more than one fandom, but has at least one fic of the BNHA. A dragon king embarks on a journey to earn the trust and loyalty of his one true companion. After the creation period, you can post your works and tag your match! If you have any suggestions for events this blog can run, please send them via ask box tododeku tddk my fic fantasy! Probably never gonna see one.

Now she faces a bigger challenge than fighting her demons; drawing up the courage to reconnect with her sister. This is my 4th try posting this. Please check it out and give it a read. Figured I Needed a Life. Platonic pairings and hinted KiriDeku.

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I do not own you as a person. I Own You - reader is punished violently for misbehaving and put back in her place, violence warning - fem reader.

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This time is not based on a theme, but my picks from my last readings, As always. Types of feedback I'm looking for are more along the lines of 'This character didn't feel properly fleshed out' or 'The plot here is very thin' than grammar or spelling, which I think I have a handle on most of the time - although if you Hello friends!

Please note that this fic is Rated E explicit. My Haikyuu fics mostly KageHina are linked at the end! This is my fluff page because I love fluff! It'll probably be mostly bakushima because I'm in way too deep , but I dabble in many fandoms.

Never Mind the Princess, Save the *Dragon*

She was blessed with the most beautiful face, to the extent that people would say that it was as if even the Goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite, would shy away from her. That being said, what I'm listing here isn't any of that and I'll warn if any of it is explicit. For some reason Deku brings out my gorey side.

I'm an all around fantasy-addict who loves to read books, watch scifi and anime, and play videogames. Bnha fantasy au fic. Identical twins Annie and Hallie, separated at birth and each raised by one of their biological parents, later discover each other for the first time at summer camp and make a plan to bring their wayward parents back together. A mermaid princess makes a Faustian bargain in an attempt to become human and win a prince's love.