REAL ESTATE PROFITS-Secrets to Unlocking Your Real Estate Mindset on the Road to Success

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Being financially uneducated is risky. You need to have a grasp of basic math and scrutinize every investment dollar. What looks like a good real estate deal on paper may be a money pit once you factor in taxes, repairs, and maintenance. You must know the numbers. The numbers will tell you the facts. As I said before, real estate investing is a business. For most people, it is not a hobby.

There is a lot at stake. Treat it that way and with respect. People may blindly turn their money over to people they believe are financial experts e. They are mostly employees working for a regular salary or are self-employed. This is why I took control over my real estate investing destiny through investing in my education first, understanding the real estate investing fundamentals and knowing the pitfalls to avoid.

If people do not have sound financial education, they cannot tell if a financial advisor is a salesperson or a con man, a fool or a genius. When it comes to money, there are many people desperate enough to tell and sell you anything, just to get your money. I think to a large degree there are two reasons for this. First, people trudge through life half-asleep, instead of expending the mental energy to really think things through. They simply operate on autopilot, choosing to live in this semi-conscious state and focusing their actions on immediate gratification instead of realizing the importance of their current decisions and the impact it has on their future.

Look at the marriage and business failure statistics. I am not saying that all marriages should work or that no businesses should fail.

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These numbers are staggering and account for a lot more than the small percentage of inevitable mistakes. The second reason is that people really do behave like sheep at times. They follow the herd or some authority figure without really questioning if their life experience and knowledge supports what they are being told or what everyone else is doing.

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The story gets better. To reduce your taxes further, buy a bigger house or get more loss-making real estate properties and get deeper into debt so that you can get more tax write-off. The government is concerned about its financial future as they are able to get perpetual tax revenues from you, the real estate owner.

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Speaking about mindsets, we all have our personal financial thermostat or invisible scripts that dictate how we relate to money and wealth, ingrained in our subconscious minds. It is these blueprints, more than anything, which will determine our financial lives and dictate our future success in real estate investing. If somehow we do, we will most likely lose it! Likewise, if we want to change the visible, we need to change or renew the invisible scripts. We must be aware of all those positive and negative statements we heard or experienced about money and wealth when we were young.

Understand and write down how these statements have affected or impacted our view about money and our financial life.

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Disassociate ourselves from these negative statements by declaring aloud that what we heard about money and wealth is not true and that we must constantly renew our minds to adopt new positive ways of thinking that support our happiness and financial freedom. As my mindset dictates my personal success, I had to reset my financial thermostat to live in the present and in financial freedom.

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For most people, what they have is years of hard work, unfair taxes and a lifetime of debt. A person who has a negative financial thermostat will always lose no matter what stock, bond, real estate or mutual fund they buy. If they still had the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas of a poor or middle-class person and did what the rich did, they would still wind up having what the poor and middle class have. People think that working hard for money and then buying real estate will make them look rich.

It only makes them more tired, more in debt and more unhappy.

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The way I see things is that there are two different diametrically opposing ways of thinking when it comes to building a real estate investment portfolio and creating financial freedom in the long term. Opportunity seekers think opportunistically focusing on the short term or get rich quick schemes whilst investors think strategically focusing on the long term. Opportunity seekers chase the next hotspot real estate location in which to invest. They chase the next strategy that has made others money. They rely on the media and their friends to recommend the hottest location or property to buy instead of conducting their own independent analysis or due diligence of the financials and market to see whether the investment actually stacks up or not and that this purchase will bring them closer to their long term goal.

I am amazed at how many questions and attitudes are based on misinformation. When it comes to real estate investing, we have an unerring ability to listen to the wrong people. We are greatly influenced by sensational newspaper headlines and spend a lot of time speaking to neighbors, relatives, and others who knew as little as we did in real estate investing. By tapping into a range of unreliable sources, most of them second-hand or third-hand, wannabe real estate investors had cobbled together a thoroughly distorted view of the real estate investment world. Being strategic is a state of mind.

House or Unit? After many months of frustration, I am turning to this forum for some assistance. Just wondering if anyone is generous enough to share info on locations or strategies that they are finding good for this type of investment at the moment. Making money does take effort and hard work and it does take time.

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I see beneath the iceberg. There is a whole lot of effort, commitment and sacrifices that investors have to go through to generate the riches others only see on the surface. Rather than criticizing the rich and the wealthy, admire them, and learn from them. Once you have determined whether you have personal strengths in operating a real estate investing business part-time and implementing the chosen real estate investment strategy, determine your WHY in real estate investing.

Successful real estate investors, on the other hand, know exactly what they want to accomplish and how they are going to do it. They know how much money they need per month to cover their current expenses. They have developed a detailed plan to generate that amount over a definite timeframe. In fact, they have determined the exact number of properties they will need to purchase. They also know when and how they will roll their real estate portfolio over into larger cash flowing property that, according to their calculations, would produce enough passive cash flow in the future to cover all their expenses.

Do you know how much money you need and how you will get it? How long will it take to get there? Answers to these questions and a whole host of others are what you need to know beforehand if you are going to think like a successful real estate investor. Understanding your WHY will keep you strategically focused on and committed to your long-term goals by implementing a pre-defined real estate investment strategy.

My WHY was clear.

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Being a risk management professional who is in his 40s, I wanted to decrease my risk of being totally reliant on my employment for a job and income security through the creation of diverse passive income streams generated from real estate investing and owning an online business system. Make sure you stay strategically focused throughout your investment timeframe and avoid the tactical hell by wasting time on short-term opportunistic behaviors that will only distract you from ultimately achieving your long-term goals.

What does success look like to you? In order for you to achieve your goals, you must first articulate what your goals are. More importantly, you need to set a deadline as to when you want to achieve these goals. Then you can work backward. In my professional work, I have helped organizations articulate their strategies and developed their goals and key performance indicators. I also helped them develop frameworks and implementation plans to execute their strategies in order to reach their goals, including the identification of potential barriers or risks that may stop them from achieving their goals.

Individuals are no different. Each one of us has personal goals that we want to achieve even if they are unwritten. There will be barriers or risk associated with achieving those goals that we need to mitigate against. To reach my own financial goals, I have purchased several real estate properties with the help of a professional team I assembled — a mentor, property consultant, a real estate agent, an accountant, a mortgage broker, and a lawyer.

The Mindset of Successful Real Estate Investors

It is important to select the right professional team members who will help you get closer to your goals by implementing your personal real estate investment strategy. If your team member is not experienced and skilled in your chosen strategy or does not operate in the geographical area you are targeting, find one that does.

Hire the right experienced professional to get the job done and move you closer to your goals.