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Border Collie sheepdog staring at something - maybe sheep on grass.

And I conquered that damn hill for the first time. My friend and I have learned we can at least laugh at ourselves. Those hills look so much easier from behind the wheel of a car. The marathon going to happen whether I dread it or not. But I can do it.

Much like eating an elephant, you take it one bite hill at a time. My own tires and my own power propelling me forward. Not much in life is easy, but seemingly requires less stress-filled effort with time. My muscles being stronger, the slow emergence of quads and calf muscles, has made those hills do-able. Filed under biking , life. You are going to not only do it but you will kill it. You have been doing all the right things to get there and I just wish I could have been part of this journey with you. What a great way to start your 53 year.

Think he might have been instructed to leak something like this? When this sort of crap happens, start looking around. The Saudi stuff from yesterday?

Supreme Court decisions happening? Something else? Mnemosyne : Thank you.

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And good luck to G on the fellowship. We should make a list of all the big rumors that came to naught. If Mueller has not said it, cannot take anything to the bank. Yet another nail in the coffin of the Republic, finalized by shameless and unchecked vote rigging.

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I once prepared for winter by buying a snow shovel in October. Sure enough, 3 months later, my prescience paid off. These kind of stories have even less predictive value.

Cheryl Rofer : Yeah, that was pretty crude. Ya think Chris Cillizza will resign in protest? JMG : Why would Barr fear an obstruction charge? He would be within his legal rights to shut it down.

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Perfect Catch Betty Cracker : Yes. I have a sinking, uneasy feeling. But then again, I have had that feeling since November 9, Yarrow : People. Things are moving fast.

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But they are not being buried by Barr. It just could not happen that way. As have the Inaugural Committee investigations of Barrak etc.

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Passion buy track 5. Contact Detriti Records. Streaming and Download help. If you like Detriti Records, you may also like:. Boy Harsher have created a monster of an album!

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This will 4ever be spinning on my turntable. When you go ,I will be, all alone This is great. Like the perfect mix between EBM and Wave. Reminds me a bit of our own Belgian Front Must have! Favorite Track : Wraith Igni. Mezmerising vocals, hypnotizing sounds and monotonous beats. Too bad the record is sold out.

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  • Border Collie sheepdog staring at something - maybe sheep on grass.?
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I'd play this every day before sunrise. Mercury by Standard Legal.