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The department had been set up not long after Voldemort had been defeated and she had been honoured to have been approached by Kingsley with a request to join the team. It was not long before she headed the department; despite her youth it had been obvious from the beginning that the representatives of the respective magical creatures preferred to deal with her rather than anyone else. She took it as a complement that she was recognised in this way; this was something she had earned herself, not because she was the famous Hermione Granger. It was all she had left now.

She should have been married by now; married and settled and enjoying the fruits of victory that she and her two friends had worked so hard to achieve. That terrible day had ultimately cost her both of the men that had made her life worth living. She leaned forward on the couch and slid open the drawer in her coffee table, carefully removing the envelope that lay within along with the small wooden box that had arrived with the letter. The writing paper was crumpled now; testament to the number of times she had gone through this ritual in the past eleven months and she laid the letter out flat on the table before gently smoothing it out with the palm of her hand.

It was from Harry, dated two days after the Ministry inquiry into Ron's death - two days after the last time she had seen him.

Soul Thief

At the hearing, Harry had been publicly reprimanded by the presiding officer for not demonstrating "… the due care and attention expected of an Auror, " and for having "… a blatant disregard for a superior's orders. She leaned forward again and extracted from the drawer a much folded copy of the Daily Prophet. It was the edition from the day after the Ministry inquiry and it haunted her still. The lurid headline proclaimed the verdict of the magical world — ' Weasley Murder - Potter Guilty of Negligence!

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Harry had looked stunned at the verdict; had stood in a state of shock, his features pale. He had cast his eyes over all the Weasleys present, his expression pleading for forgiveness. That was when Ginny had screamed at him for causing the death of her brother. She herself had moved to comfort Ginny and had noticed his eyes switch to lock onto her own, his expression one of apology and pain. She had not been in the mood at that moment to offer him comfort or forgiveness — she had been dealing with her own grief and did not have the sympathy to spare.

She still couldn't believe she had said this to him. The last words she had spoken to him.

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She had only meant that he go somewhere until Ginny had cooled down a bit, but Harry had taken the meaning of her words literally and had complied with her suggestion to the fullest extent. She forced her eyes open and willed herself to look at the photograph on the front page of the paper.

Whoever the photographer was, he had done an admirable job in capturing the moment. He had caught the Weasleys and herself just as they had turned to leave the room.

All were in profile and all had their backs turned away from Harry, shunning him as if he was contaminated in some way. In the picture, Harry just stood there totally alone and completely stationary. She had never seen a magical photo quite like it. Whilst everyone else moved around as normal, the image of Harry remained absolutely still, as if someone had superimposed a Muggle image onto the magical photograph. He was surrounded by a press of people but still cut a solitary figure.

He was looking directly at her retreating back as she left the room and his face was a mask of anguish. What troubled her most as she examined the photo were his eyes; his normally vibrant green eyes were dead and gave the impression that Harry Potter was a broken man. He looked utterly crushed. She put the paper down and looked again at the letter, wiping away the tears that rolled down her cheeks. The letter contained only one word; a word scrawled in his familiar sloping handwriting and a word that conveyed exactly the turmoil her friend was in.

Nothing else. Not an explanation, nor any details of his whereabouts or intentions. Not even a signature on the bottom of the note.

Soul Thief

Only this solitary word that revealed so much. She carefully placed the letter back in the envelope and picked up the small wooden box. Opening the lid, she removed what lay within and held it in her hands, feeling the tears smart at her eyes again. She always reacted this way but she still made herself do it; almost as if she was punishing herself for having the temerity to carry on with her life when so much had gone wrong; for continuing to live after driving him away.

The eleven inch, Holly and Phoenix feather wand that had always meant so much to him.

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The wand that had caused him such pain when it had been broken at Godric's Hollow; the wand that he'd never let out of his sight. She fully understood the message he was conveying. He was finished with magic; finished with everything that had once been his world. He had given so much to ensure the Magical World was safe, but it had demanded so much more from him as price for that safety.

So many people he cared about had died and Hermione believed that Ron's death was the final straw. He blamed himself for all of the deaths, she knew, and no doubt his disappearance was to try and keep those he still cared about safe — including her she thought. She smiled sadly.

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It was probably just his 'saving people thing. But she missed him terribly and her emotions fluctuated between an all consuming desire to see him again, to outright anger at him for being so bloody selfish, to profound guilt for driving him away. She felt abandoned and betrayed — first by Ron for dying on her and then at Harry for leaving when she needed him more than ever. She'd tried to track him down but had absolutely no leads to go on. No one had any idea where he was. She had put adverts in every newspaper — both Magical and Muggle — begging him to return but such efforts had produced no results.

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She had no idea if she would ever see him again and it had crossed her mind on more than one occasion that Harry might have taken a very final way out of his problems. She shook her head, deciding that she'd had enough and carefully placed the wand back in its box before returning it, the paper and the letter to the drawer. She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand to clear the tears. Although it always upset her, she still felt the need to put herself through this little ritual. Somehow, it made her feel better to touch something that had been so important to Harry — to the three of them in the end.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Harry Potter. Hermione has to battle to reclaim her dearest friend and Harry must uncover the conspiracy that threatens them all in order to save a once bitter enemy. Prologue 'So, it's tonight then? C'mon; let's go. I'm going to try the door. I still think we should wait. I'll cover you.

Eleven Months Later Draco Malfoy woke with a loud groan. He struggled into a sitting position and leaned over to see who it was that shared his bed. Cho Chang? What the fuck…? Absolutely nothing. What the fuck was going on? Blood everywhere. On his hands; on his legs. He was drenched in it; saturated in gore. Oh my God… Cho Chang lay dead. Ministry Aurors! Open the door! How did they…? Final Ending Soul Thief Attack 20 The souls you have captured scream in agony as your shadow consumes them to lend power to this attack.

Attack: Dexterity vs.

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Miss: Half damage. Categories :. You move like a ghost, passing through your enemies. The souls you have captured scream in agony as your shadow consumes them to lend power to this attack. The Soul Thief has a Hitchcockian feel, all the more because of Baxter's references, some direct and others more oblique, to that director's masterpieces.

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While the novel is in no sense a classic mystery, reading it has the feel of trying to assemble the pieces of an elusive, even multidimensional, puzzle.