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It all serves a purpose. Let your emotions have their way with you, for a little while anyway. Just don't get mired in them. Eventually, it's time to move forward. We all have less control than we'd like, but more power than we know. No, you don't control your external environment.

But you are in charge. You are the superhero of your own life. You can make it a wonderful, exciting adventure by taking risks, living fearlessly into the unknown, loving yourself and others deeply and courageously, and tapping into joy every single day. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. Make a mental or physical list of at least five of your blessings every single day.

Feeling grateful takes us out of our ruminating about the past and projecting neuroses into the future. It bring us smack into the here and now, which is, after all, reality in its purest form.

Why a manifesto?

Once you have done your personal work to accept responsibility for your life and to fall in love with yourself again, the way you were as a child , then put away the navel-gazing. Don't become a self-focused, narcissistic seeker. Remember that the whole point of doing our work is so that we can be our best self for others. Now get back out into the world and give.

The Mastermind Manifesto - Commitment to Your Best Life

Volunteer at your children's school. Take a vacation to a disaster area so that you can build schools. Start a community garden.

The Happiness Manifesto: Simple Steps to a Fulfilling Life | HuffPost Life

Become a caretaker of an aging parent or sick friend. Tutor a neighbor. Get involved in politics. Feed the homeless. There are literally a million ways you can show your love to those around you. My friend Kate Atwood calls this "Living by Giving.

Manifesto for life

Commit to making the world a better place, knowing that you can. This is essential.

Jupyter Notebook is just a new development environment for writing code. All the best practices of software development should still apply:. Continuous integration CI for faster development: automate the compilation and testing of Jupyter notebooks every time a team member commits changes to version control.

Just as an Android Developer would need to follow the above best practices to build a scalable and successful mobile app, a Jupyter Notebook focused on sustainable data science should follow them, too. Version control systems record changes to your code over time, so that you can revisit specific versions later. With Jupyter notebooks, there is a lot of metadata that can change with a simple one-line edit, including kernel spec, execution info, and visualization parameters. To apply the principles and corresponding workflows of traditional version control to Jupyter notebooks, you need the help of two additional tools:.

In this demo, we clone a Github repository, then after this step is completed, we modified some minor parts of the code. If you execute a diff command, you would normally expect git to show only the lines that changed, but as we explained above, this is not true for Jupyter notebooks. You and your team should write notebooks in such a way that anyone can rerun it on the same inputs, and produce the same outputs.

Your notebook should be executable from top to bottom and should contain the information required to set up the correct, consistent environment. If you execute the same notebook in a different Compute Engine instance, you need to make sure that this dependency is already installed. A notebook should have a notion of dependencies and its dependencies appropriately tracked, this can be in the environment or in the notebook metadata. The Compute Engine image and underlying hardware used for creating the Notebook should be embedded in the notebook itself. In this demo we clone a GitHub repository that contains a few notebooks, and then activate the new Nova plugin, which allows you to execute notebooks directly from your Jupyter UI.

Nova and its corresponding compute workload runs on a separate Compute Engine instance using Nteract papermill. Continuous integration is a software development practice that requires developers to integrate code into a shared repository. Each check-in is verified by an automated build system, allowing teams to detect problems at early stages. Each change to a Jupyter notebook should be validated by a continuous integration system before being checked in; this can be done using different setups non-master remote branch, remote execution in local branch, etc.

In this demo, we modified a notebook so that it contains invalid Python code, and then we commit the results to git. This particular git repository is connected to Cloud Build. The notebook executes and the commit step fails as the engine finds an invalid cell at runtime. Cloud Build creates a new notebook to help you to troubleshoot your mistake. You can think of a production-grade notebook as a function or a job specification: A notebook takes a series of inputs, processes them, and generates some outputs—consistently. During notebook execution, you can pass different parameters to your models, and once results are generated, pick the best options using the same notebook.

Online access: -Use online access for all your banking, investment and credit card accounts Found money: -If you find money on the street, don't be ashamed to pick it up!

Step 1. Keep a log

Communicate who you are in all you do. Style is multidimensional. Style matters. Authenticity is energizing, economical, and efficient. Accentuate the positive. People are like snowflakes—uniquely beautiful because of the details. Pay attention to what attracts you. Working from the outside in can create deep transformation. Feel free to change.


True style is not dependent on wealth, and wealth does not necessarily create taste. Cheap is expensive in the long run.

The Happiness Manifesto: Simple Steps to a Fulfilling Life

Use your best every day. Choose from your heart, and your life will fill up with things you love. Beauty transforms. Only love is free—everything else costs. Contrast makes things interesting. Living is sensual.

Make more choices—moment to moment, day to day. Here is my Happiness Manifesto: To be happy, you need to consider feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right, and an atmosphere of growth. One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.

The days are long, but the years are short. Your body matters. Happiness is other people.

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Think about yourself so you can forget yourself.