US Foreign Policy in Action: An Innovative Teaching Text (POPS - Principles of Political Science)

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Developing new multidimensional methods to study the molecular dynamics of complex materials; polymers, ionic liquids, semiconducting nanoparticles and biomolecules; ultrafast laser spectroscopy; computer programing, numerical analysis and statistics, electronics, optics, and mechanical design; Energy Pathways in Nanostructures; Peptide Dynamics; Glass Dynamics.

Physical Chemistry; Reactions at surfaces; Reaction Mechanisms; Scanning probe microscopy; Chemical analysis and characterization of surfaces; Chemistry of metal nanoparticles; Catalysis; surface chemistry on the atomic and molecular level. Environmental chemistry; fate and transport of organic chemicals in the environment; water chemistry; photochemically driven oxidation; photocatalysis; trace organic analysis; combinatorial chemistry; free radical chemistry.

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Quantum effects in dynamics of nuclei, development of approximate quantum trajectory dynamics method scalable to large molecular systems, incorporation of the zero-point energy, quantum tunneling, quantum effects in reactive dynamics. Analytical chemistry; forensic and environmental analysis using chromatography and mass spectrometry; trace evidence analysis of textile fibers and polymers; rapid spectroscopic visualization of biological stains; analytical pyrolysis; chemometrics; chemical biology of enzymes involved in pharmaceutical biosynthesis and bioenergy production; sample preparation and rapid analysis for diverse biological and environmental samples.

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US Foreign Policy in Action : Jeffrey S. Lantis :

Biogeography, landscape ecology, public land and water management, spatial analysis. Cultural landscapes and historical memory, urban cultures, place and identity, gender and urban space, nationalism and modernity, Middle East; ethnography, cultural media; late Ottoman and early Turkish Republican cultural media; geopolitics, nationalism. Synoptic climatology, climate change, historical and Quaternary environments; paleoclimatology; arctic and alpine environments. Service marketing: Social and interpersonal influence, social support, influence of other customers, service failure and recovery; Organizational behavior: Leadership, employee training.

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Ledley; the role of the National Institutes of Health in promoting the development of computer technology in the s; biomedical computing; nanotechnology; how history is presented in games; computerization of biology and medicine. Europe; Modern Europe; France; Gender and Religion; Catholics in nineteenth-century France; reconstitution of the church after the revolution; women in modern Europe; Pauline Craven; Enlightenment; French Revolution; French scientific voyages of the revolutionary era.

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American colonial history; Comparative Plantation Societies; men of the revolutionary generation and their relationship to slavery; American slavery and race relations. The Old South, slavery, sensory history a vibrant area of historical inquiry dedicated to examining the roles played by olfaction, hearing, touch, and taste as well as vision in shaping the past ; reconstruction; history of mixed martial arts; southern studies;. United States history; women's and gender history; history of the American South; women's suffrage; American political culture.


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Mathematics; Approximations of functions in one variable and multivariable cases approximations by polynomials, n-widths, optimal cubature formulas ; Integral operators estimates of singular numbers, approximation numbers, bilinear approximation of kernels of these operators. Mathematics; Analytic Number Theory and Approximation Theory; use of finite differences to determine information about lattice points close to a curve or surface; application of results to gap problems in Number Theory.

Mathematics; commutative algebra; Algebraic geometry; tight closure theory; linkage homological properties of rings and modules; characteristic p methods; Cohen-Macaulay; Briancon-Skoda theorem. Bioethics; philosophy of medicine; concepts of health and disease; ethics of emerging science and technology.

History of Modern Philosophy; Philosophy of the Emotions; history of ethics; virtue ethics; practical reasoning and autonomy; moral psychology; Spinoza's ethics; early modern efforts to articulate the moral value of the emotions or passions; how historical work bears on ongoing issues in ethics. Ancient Philosophy; Ancient Science; History of Mathematics; Aristotelian metaphysics; Aristotelian science; methods of argumentation in Greek geometry; ancient medicine and psychology; Plato; Aristotle; Hellenistic Philosophy; Platonism.

Intersection of mediation and moderation models; effect size measures for mediation; measurement and evaluation of programs and outcomes; statistical pedagogy; quantitative psychology; statistical mediation analysis; prevention; developmental trajectories of substance use; prevention of child maltreatment;. Particle astrophysics;zone-refinement of germanium and tellurium dioxide; antiparticles; heavy-sterile-neutrino dark matter.

Particle Astrophysics; cosmology; exotic zero-neutrino nuclear double-beta decay; antiparticles; Majorana particles. Condensed matter physics; high temperature superconductivity; mesoscopic quantum transport; deterministic chaos; effects of disorder in linear and non-linear systems; nanotechnology; experimental and mathematical topics.

Nuclear Physics; Nucleons and their excitations; Physics and Astronomy; nuclear reactor physics; electron microscopes to higher energies; electron scattering experiments; photons; quarks and gluons. Neutron physics; low energy neutron interactions; Theory of nuclear reactions; Nuclear fission; Neutrino Nuclei interactions; Extensions of the Standard Model; Computational physics; Network theory.

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Extragalactic Astronomy; Cosmology; intergalactic and circumgalactic matter; galaxy evolution; dust in distant galaxies; Polar Ring Galaxies; cosmic evolution of the chemical elements; evolution of stars, gas, and dust in galaxies and the implications for cosmology. Superconductivity and nano-structured materials; Psychophysics; auditory neurophysiology; high-fidelity audio.

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Nuclear Theory; Experimental Nuclear Physics; Supernova; Matter-antimatter interactions; hadron and light nuclei structures; experimental nuclear physics; annihilation of matter and antimatter; electromagnetic theory. Baryon spectroscopy; Nucleon electromagnetic form factors; Medium modifications of hadronic properties; Few-body physics; Polarization experiments; Fundamental symmetries; physics of hadrons and nuclei; perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics pQCD , Chrial Perturbation Theory ChPT ; experimental nuclear physics;. Middle East, Asia; International; International Relations and Political Economy; Impact of globalization on conflict; Civil and interstate war; military disputes; terrorism; state repression; International trade; globalization and violence; trade between enemies; Foreign trade; globalization and war; threats to Israel's security; counter-terrorism; Israeli-Palestinian economic cooperation; intersection between international political economy and conflict studies; impact of globalization on conflict, including civil and interstate war, military disputes, terrorism, and state repression;.

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