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Another explanation may be that the Woodman is chiefly made of tin, with iron joints; in some of the illustrations, his joints are a different color from the rest of his body. The Tin Woodman appeared in most of the Oz books that followed. In Ozma of Oz , he commands Princess Ozma 's army, and is briefly turned into a tin whistle. In Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz , he serves as defense counsel in the trial of Eureka.

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He affects the plot of a book most notably in The Patchwork Girl of Oz , in which he forbids the young hero from collecting the wing of a butterfly needed for a magical potion because his heart requires him to protect insects from cruelty. In The Tin Woodman of Oz , Nick Chopper finally sets out to find his lost love, Nimmie Amee , but discovers that she has already married Chopfyt, a man constructed partly out of his own dismembered and discarded limbs.

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Baum's successors in writing the series tended to use the Tin Woodman as a minor character, still ruling the Winkie Country but not governing the stories' outcome. The fact that Nick includes the natural deaths of his parents in the story of how he came to be made of tin has been a major element of debate. In his eponymous novel, he proclaims that no one in Oz ever died as far back as Lurline's enchantment of the country, which occurred long before the arrival of any outsiders such as the Wizard.

It should be noted, however, that although the living creatures of Oz do not die of age or disease, they may die of accidents or be killed by others. In the novel The Tin Man , by Dale Brown , the eponymous protagonist is a power-armored vigilante whom the media and police have dubbed The Tin Man for his physical resemblance to the Wizard of Oz character. In the book, Nessarose — the Wicked Witch of the East — is seen enchanting the axe to swing around and chop off Nick Chopper's limbs.

She does this for a peasant woman who wishes to stop her servant, probably Nimmie Amee, from marrying Nick Chopper. This seems to be close to the Tin Man's origin in the original books, but from the Witch's perspective. In the musical adaptation of Wicked the Tin Man is revealed to be Boq , a Munchkin whom Nessarose , the Wicked Witch of the East , fell in love with when they were at school together.

When she discovered his heart belonged to Glinda , she botched a spell that was meant to make him fall in love with her by taking his heart, but instead shrunk his heart to nothing by taking it away without 'giving' it to Nessa.

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To save his life, Elphaba , the Wicked Witch of the West , was forced to turn him into tin. Not understanding her reasons, he pursues Elphaba with a single-minded vengeance for his current form. The Tin Man's humble origin in the novel conflicts with his having been the aristocratic Boq. In Oz Squad , Nick was shown in a sexual relationship with "Rebecca Eastwitch" in order to get closer to Nimmie Amee and attempt to elope with her. A darker twist to the beloved woodman is made by author James A. Since youth, Stanum has been a woodcutter and one day when he first met Zelena, the daughter of another woodsman, he finds out that Zelena has magic and befriends her, regardless of whatever the children say about Zelena, who they see as a freak.

Many years later, Stanum, now a man, is punished by the Wicked Witch of the North for chopping down a tree in her domain, and his body slowly begins to transform into tin. Zelena agrees to help him seek out the Crimson Heart, which can save him.

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  • During their quest, Stanum tells Zelena that she doesn't have to be lonely but she is doing her best to deny his advice. Suddenly, a lion comes of nowhere to attack Stanum, and Zelena uses her magic to make the lion go away at this point the lion has become as Zelena would put it, cowardly. When they finally arrived to the location of the Crimson Heart, the two learned that the only way to make it work is through the absorption of another person's magic. Unfortunately Zelena's actions and selfish greed for magic causes her to betray Stanum, whom she suspect was aligned with Dorothy by keeping the Crimson Heart for herself, leaving Stanum to transform into the Tin Man permanently.

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    Economics and history professors have published scholarly studies that indicate the images and characters used by Baum and Denslow closely resembled political images that were well known in the s. These were all common themes in the editorial cartoons of the previous decade. The notion of a "Tin Man" has deep roots in European and American history, according to Green , and often appeared in cartoons of the s and s. They built a story around them, added Dorothy, and added a series of lessons to the effect that everyone possesses the resources they need such as brains, a heart and courage if only they had self-confidence.

    The Tin Man—the human turned into a machine—was a common feature in political cartoons and in advertisements in the s. Indeed, he had been part of European folk art for years. In political interpretations of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz , the Tin Woodman is supposedly described as a worker, dehumanized by industrialization. The Tin Woodman little by little lost his natural body and had it replaced by metal; so he has lost his heart and cannot move without the help of farmers represented by the Scarecrow ; in reality he has a strong sense of cooperation and love, which needs only an infusion of self-confidence to be awakened.

    In the s many argued that to secure a political revolution a coalition of Farmers and Workers was needed. The editorial cartoon to the right shows President Benjamin Harrison wearing improvised tin armor because he wanted a tariff on tin. Such images support the argument that the figure of a "tin man" was in use as political allegory in the s. The man on the right is politician James G.

    The oil needed by the Tin Woodman had a political dimension at the time because Rockefeller's Standard Oil Company stood accused of being a monopoly and in fact was later found guilty by the Supreme Court.

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    • In the stage adaptation , which is full of topical references that do not appear either in the novel or in any of the film adaptations unless they are satirical , the Tin Woodman wonders what he would do if he ran out of oil. Rockefeller," the Scarecrow responds, "He'd lose six thousand dollars a minute if that happened.

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